Saturday afternoon is full to the brim with team events this year including the Wild Plant Hire Tug of War. Get together a team of 8 for the Upper Hunter Show event. Saturday afternoon time to be confirmed for the start of the Tug of War.

Tug of War Rules

  1. All teams must follow Judges directions. Failure to follow directions will result in disqualification.
  2. The competition is a round robin with each team versing each other team once with points accumulated. If at the end of the round robin teams are tied there will be a final to decide the winner.
  3. Teams are to be made up of 8 men or women.
  4. The rope will be marked with a red centre marker and 2 markers  each 4 metres to each side of centre.
  5. The anchor is only to harness the rope using the method shown by the Judge prior to the competition starting.
  6. Nobody is to tie themselves to the rope, tie the rope around themselves or attach themselves anyway except by gripping it with their hands (save for the anchor).
  7. Teams will be instructed to “Pick up the rope” then instructed to bring the centre marker level before being told “steady” and then once the rope is stable “pull”.
  8. The pull is over when the rope travels 4 metres so that a team’s 4 metre marker crosses the centre line. The Judge will indicate that the pull is over by blowing a whistle.
  9. Each pull is the best of 3 ends. The 3rd end is only required if the first two ends are split.
  10. Teams that let go of the rope so as to drop the other teams to the ground will be disqualified.
  11. Once the competition commences teams are to stay in the marshalling area so that they are able to be called to the rope swiftly. Teams that leave the marshalling area will forfeit each round they are unavailable.

Tips for those new to tug of war:

  • Wear football boots or sturdy work boots;
  • Wear thick tops such as football jerseys (not singlets!);
  • Push with your legs rather than pulling with your back and arms;
  • Keep your feet in front of your body and your hands together close to your hips;
  • Remember to breath. Don’t hold your breath!
  • Don’t give in before the whistle is blown. Many teams fight back to win after being only a few cm’s from losing.

Thank you Wild Plant Hire and Extreme Youth for sponsorship of this event.





TWO DAY PASS (Friday and Saturday)

  • Family Pass $50 (2 adults, up to 3 children)
  • Adult $25


  • Family Pass $30 (2 adults, up to 3 children)
  • Adult $15
  • Child (up to 14yrs) $5
  • Child under 5yrs $Free
  • Age Pension $5
  • Vehicle (all) $5

Free gate entry to Horse Show Sunday